Bernice Hires RetiresAfter years working alongside her two sons, presidents Mitch and Sonny Hires, at the family-owned and -led company Construction Resources, Bernice Hires stepped down from her position as matriarch of the company and retired late last month and the entire team had a small event honoring her work and the legacy of creating a family-focused company that does everything it can to treat its customers right.

The luncheon event was catered by Step-by-Step and featured some wonderful anecdotes about the early years of Construction Resources. One of the cuter stories was about how word would get back around to Mitch when Bernice would call for collections from material deals. Except Miss Bernice wouldn’t call the builders – instead, she would call their mothers to pass the news along to their sons and daughters. The event was full of similar sentimental stories from when the Atlanta building industry was one big family, and Miss Bernice was known as one of the kindest, sweetest and most efficient members of it. Read More→

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New ways to explore CambriaIn addition to having a great app for tablet computers with rich, high-quality images for designers and remodelers, the Cambria website has just been updated to be more mobile-friendly for buyers and designers that are on the go! The new site has expanded features, better touch controls and integrated linking to the Cambria app among its newest features.

The American-made and -designed material is now easy to learn about and understand the advantages of, even if you don’t have a designer on-hand to walk you through the over 100 design profiles that Cambria comes in. You can easily explore large pictures that show the color and character of each individual profile, see examples of it in use in the inspiration gallery, see examples of edge profiles, read articles from Cambria Style magazine and connect to Cambria on all of their social media networks. The new site is a great way to delve into the world of quartz countertops with the finest domestic material available without having to download an app or consult a designer. Read More→

Cambria countertops at Construction ResourcesWith one of the largest slab galleries in the Southeast, a huge design center that provides the best in materials for key areas of the home, huge fabrication facilities and award-winning installation teams, you might think there’s no direction for Construction Resources to grow in Decatur – but you’d be wrong! While working on last weekend’s Spring Clearance sale, Construction Resources has been quietly growing and is now ready to share that they have purchased a new building for their signature line of high quality countertop material, Cambria.

As a Lexus Partner of the Minnesota-based countertop company, Construction Resources is the place to get your Cambria countertops. To make sure that they have the material you need for any size job in any of Cambria’s over 100 design profiles, Construction Resources has expanded to a new warehouse at 3000 Pine Street. This new space has been outfitted with high-quality storage and new cranes that can move the 55-inch by 120-inch Cambria slabs easily, and is staffed by inventory professionals who have each piece of material bar coded so that inventory levels and positions are carefully monitored. It’s a good thing, as there are over 2,300 slabs in stock at the new facility!

This expansion will help make sure that Construction Resources has the Cambria material you need on hand, whether you are seeking to change out your kitchen island or if you are a builder looking to put Cambria in a new housing development or commercial application. With Cambria, the sky is the limit! Visit the Construction Resources’ main facility in Decatur at 224 Rio Circle today to see this new facility, along with the new Atlanta Glass and Mirror building, and everything else that Construction Resources can offer to upgrade your home.

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Kitchen design for outdoors in AtlantaIt may be pollen season and the idea of going out under the Atlanta clouds of yellow may not be the thing you want to do, but right around the corner is all the joy and fun of Georgia summer – which means NOW is the time to get cracking on your outdoor living and entertaining upgrades so that you can enjoy it all summer long and into the fabulous Georgia fall! Construction Resources is ready to help, with everything you need to spiff up your entertaining space or give it an overhaul into a full outdoor kitchen!

An outdoor kitchen is a way to expand your entertaining space and offers ways to enjoy the outdoors. It provides not only style, but workspace that can be sorely needed when working with food outside. Outdoor kitchens have to be made of materials ready to withstand the elements, so granite and Cambria are favorites for outdoor surface materials. While granite has to be cared for and sealed every few years to keep it safe from sun, wind, rain and more, Cambria has a proven track record of being a more durable material that doesn’t need sealing. Of course, you will want a durable material like stone to make the base, drawers added to store all the tools you will need to be an efficient outdoor chef, and stools that can withstand the elements if you’ll have a countertop that extends out to a serving bar. Read More→

Mother's Day Sale EventThe Mother’s Day Spring Clearance event is just a little under a week away now, running the weekend of May 9-10! This sale isn’t just a chance to get on Mom’s good side (though there are few ways that make moms happier than a kitchen, bath or laundry room upgrade); it’s also a chance to make the home upgrades you want or need at fantastic discounts, some as much as 70 percent!

The time for springing into action with this sale starts at 9 a.m. on both days, as the first buyers on each day will also win. The first ten customers to spend $500 or more in Cambria products get a free Cambria cheese board and customers that select a countertop in a different brand/material get a free faucet. Of course, these prizes are bonuses on top of amazing deals of 15 percent or more off everything on the 13-acre Construction Resources Decatur campus.

This means countertops, sinks, flooring, bath hardware, mirrors, framed and frameless shower doors and more will be on sale. The sale includes our wide variety of green building materials, so you can save money and feel good about the low environmental impact of quartz countertops from Cambria, recycled glass counters from Vetrazzo and the recycled marble countertops for the bath from Piedrafina. When it comes to Cambria, our huge selection of the over 100 design profiles will be on sale, and three of the profiles will be at special discount all the way to 35 percent off!

There are a couple of ways you can save even more, including taking advantage of manufacturer discounts on Mohawk flooring, or getting creative by exploring our remnant yard where you can get pieces as low as 25 dollars or 10 dollars per square foot plus fabrication and installation. These pieces can be used to great effect in bathrooms or for changing up a smaller counter space or kitchen island!

Keep in mind that these discounts are only good from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 9 and 10, and in order to enjoy the discount you will have to pay in full at the time of the sale. If you are considering Cambria, there are attractive financing options available that can help you save this weekend and set an affordable payment schedule to live your dream today. We’ll look forward to seeing you next Friday and Saturday!

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Construction Resources visits birth of StoneworkingConstruction Resources Operations Manager David Lovelock had the honor of joining the Stone Fabricators Alliance tour across Italy in an amazing opportunity to see some of the birthplaces of stoneworking and pick up on skills used by Italian stone artisans.

One of the big stops on the tour was the Henraux Quarry in the Carrara region of Italy, which has been producing quality stone since 1821 and has become one of the most renowned sources for the highly desirable Carrara White marble. It was here that David and other members of the Stone Fabricators Alliance got to see the quarry that has produced this precious stone over the years, as a site that many traditional Italian sculptors like Michelangelo might have gotten material from, to a site where modern stone slabs come from today. They also got to see how current extraction methods draw the stone from the ground in some of the most efficient ways ever. Read More→

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Construction Resources Purchasing ManagerWe are excited to share that our own purchasing manager, Larry Weinreb, represented Construction Resources by attending the Artisan Industry Group showcase in Austin, TX this year. Preferred Artisan Group vendors were invited to Austin to partake in the week-long event with activities focused on building ties and strength among their preferred vendors. The event included a presentation by motivational speaker and leadership guru Dave Mitchell.

The Third Annual Artisan Tradeshow was also during the industry showcase, giving each of the preferred vendors a chance to see how other vendors provided both industry and consumers with information and incentives to buy.  In true Texas style, planning meetings and slab yard tours are intermixed with home cooking and good ole country music. The scaled down setting allows for the vendors to network and make long lasting connections, all while enjoying Texas barbeque family-style, together. Read More→

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Construction Resources gives backConstruction Resources strives to be an active presence in the community with support for multiple organizations and community efforts. The newest of these is a sponsorship at the Buckhead Baseball and Lacrosse community fields, where Construction Resources is now a proud Platinum level sponsor.

This sponsorship will help in two ways: supporting the children of Construction Resources that learn and play on those fields and helping the league as a whole keep up with field and equipment costs. Construction Resources is proud to donate this money to support the time and effort that goes into helping young athletes succeed and grow into responsible adults and community members. Read More→

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Mohawk Flooring SaleIn addition to our huge Spring Clearance Sale coming up on May 9 and 10, where you will find discounts on everything on our 13-acre Decatur campus, we are excited to share that Builders Floor Covering and Tile is taking part in the Mohawk Flooring Love Your Floor Sale! This sales event, which runs now through May 12, offers special financing and up to $500 back on your purchase of Mohawk carpet or hardwood flooring. This up to $500 back is offered through a rebate on Mohawk’s most popular products, SmartStrand Silk Carpet and ArmorMax Hardwood Flooring.

You can also sign up to win in Mohawk’s Love Your Floor giveaway! This giveaway is a lead up to the end of the sale – and the start of our big sale – with prizes of $500 announced on May 7, $1,000 on May 8 and a full $2,500 on May 9, the day we kick off of our big sale!

In addition to signing up, you should head on to the Decatur campus on May 9 and 10 for our Mother’s Day Spring Clearance event! While there, you can double dip for savings: receive 15 percent off on Mohawk Floors, then also apply for the rebate for cash back! That’s a win-win, but remember that the discounted price is only on products in stock the days of the sale and you have to pay in full at the time of the sale in order to enjoy the discount.

Even if you aren’t looking for flooring, there will be amazing deals throughout the campus on May 9 and 10, so be sure to come visit us at 224 Rio Circle in Decatur for our Mother’s Day spectacular!

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HBA Golf TournamentThe home experts at Construction Resources are proud to support the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, and are doing so with a Platinum Sponsorship of the upcoming President’s Cup Golf Tournament on May 2! The event is going to be held at the Reunion Country Club and the Greater Atlanta HBA is still looking for players in this fun fundraiser.

We are sending four of our best to play, too! If you sign up, you’ll get to enjoy a full 18 holes with our own Leah Carson, Andrew White, Keith Pugh and Kelly Johnson, along with other builders, remodelers, real estate professionals and other suppliers as part of this great chance to network on the green, build friendships in the rough and occasionally help one another out of a sand trap in this full-day outing. Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. followed by a shotgun start at 10:00 and a full day of golfing. Lunch will be provided on carts throughout the course, and there will be a reception and meal following the event. Read More→

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